Chatham Girls Grammar School Eco Pod

Client: Chatham Girls’ Grammar School
Project: To provide an ‘instant’ office for the Premises team
Location: Chatham, Kent
Value: £33k
Project period: 26 weeks
Completed: October 2013

This stylish modular Eco-Pod was constructed entirely off site and boasts many green and sustainable credentials. The base was constructed with minimal disruption within the school environment and the pod was craned in as a complete unit, creating an instant building.

Externally, the Cedar cladding gives the pod a different look compared with the standard modular design, so it also enhances its environment. The roof has Sedum matting on top of a natural rubber membrane which helps with insulation backed up by 200mm thick Warmcell recycled newspaper insulation in the walls and Celotex insulation in the floor and ceiling make it an extremely energy efficient space so that it only requires a 1.2kw electric heater to warm it up.

The new office had to be installed during term-time at the school, making the pod an excellent option. It was craned into place in just two hours on a weekend, causing very little disruption to the running of the school.

Eco Credentials contributing to an A*EPC rating include:

  • Triple glazed windows and doors
  • 200mm thick Warmcell insulation made from recycled newspaper
  • A natural EPDM rubber roof covered with Sedum grass

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