Modular Buildings

Harry Barnes Homes is able to deliver new and refurbished modular buildings to your specification. These are constructed on a concrete base and can be assembled in a matter of hours, allowing the finishing tradesmen to get on site quickly and speeding up the process of adding a new building, even in a previously inaccessible tight space. This minimises disruption in operational areas and, consequently, they are commonly used as office and classroom extensions. You own the building as a semi-permanent structure and have the option to sell it on when it is no longer needed.

Modular buildings don’t need to look like standard portable cabin units. We can specify windows and clad the building so that it blends in with the environment or matches other buildings on the property. They can be high performance units (air tight, solar powered, thermally efficient) and don’t need to be the drafty classrooms some of us remember from our schooldays!

Eco Pod Fact Sheet Kaleidoscope Fact Sheet PDF

Why Choose Modular?

  • Cost effective
  • Quick to build
  • Eco friendly
  • High quality
  • Small spaces
  • Re-useable