Spring Place

Client: Private

Project: 5-6 bed - three storey refurb.

Location: Sevenoaks

Value: £600k

Project period: 39 weeks

Completed: May 2021

Architect: TaylorHare Architects

Spring place is a semi-detached house in Sevenoaks, Kent. The building has undergone a massive refurbishment. It has been transformed from an outdated 4 bed two storey house, to a 5-6 bed, three storey house. In which it has been massively modernized and expanded. Everything down to the external look of the building, which is has been rendered in a light colour to make the house inviting and clean but by also keeping the traditional tiles has kept the house’s character.

Spring Place has an amazing open plan downstairs area which has a large modern kitchen and a fantastic orange feature wall. Spring Place has a cinema room with a lowered coffered creating a proper cinema experience. The house has plenty of office space to work in a light, quiet space. As well as a unique third floor which has a perfect guest room and en-suite with the traditional beams exposed and customised made oak desk fitted. One of the best features in the house are the incredibly large windows and sliding doors.

HB Homes also completed the external works – which simply enhanced the beautiful surroundings and given a lovely area to allow the client to sit and take in the breath-taking views.

Spring Place is truly unrecognisable from the original building and the project has been a great success. It is always great when you are recommended from a previous project– which in this case HB Homes built the client’s parent’s house😊

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